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Name:Vincent Valentine
Birthdate:Oct 13


"Soul wrought of terra corrupt, quelling impurity, purging the Stream, to beckon forth an ultimate fate. Behold Mighty Chaos: Omega's squire to the lofty heavens."

Vincent is and has always been shy and quiet, but where his timidity once stemmed from a lack of self-assurance and uncertainty, it can now be attributed to introspection. He is often lost in his own thoughts of what was and could have been. To Vincent, all events occurring in the present have roots in the past. A past he’d rather not have transpired.

Another thing that keeps him quiet is a lack of understanding of the modern world. He slept for roughly thirty years before walking the avenues of the world, and it moved ahead, leaving him behind. Often, his silence during conversations stems from a misunderstanding of motive or meaning. Quite often, jokes and pratfalls are lost on him, though he tries his hardest to understand.

His love for Lucrecia drives many of his actions. Being perceived as a good person or a bad person has little bearing on his motives. He is far more focused on righting past wrongs, though some part of him feels that all his efforts are in vain. There is no retribution for a sin as great as letting the woman you love use her own child in such a heinous experiment, even if it was for science. Once, Cloud asked him if he thought sins could ever be forgiven, to which he responded with, "I've never tried."

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